Yes, I’m thinking of you, Oklahoma Tax Commission and U.S. Dept. of Ed.

See my distress, and rescue me,
since I have not forgotten your law.
Give judgement in my case and redeem me;
give me life, as you have promised.

The wicked are far from salvation:
they have not sought out your judgements.
Your acts of kindness are many:
Lord, give me life as you have decreed.

How many pursue me and trouble me!
But I have not abandoned your decrees.
I have seen liars and they disgust me,
since they have ignored your promises.

Lord, see how I love your commandments!
In your loving kindness, give me life.
Truth lies behind all your words:
justice makes your judgements last for ever.

(source: Universalis: Sext)

If you are interested in helping me mount a legal challenge to layers upon layers of bureaucratic negligence, abuse, and extortionate practices, then I would like to hear from you.  I’m tired of trying to fight this wickedness tactfully.