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Papa’s gone prayin’

Written originally at a friend’s request for consideration by a Protestant group blog.

Well, that was surprising.

I first heard about the resignation of “my pope,” Benedict XVI, when my church’s youth minister posted up an image on Facebook blazoned with the text, “For Lent, I gave up being Pope: What are you going to do?” I didn’t see how the joke could be especially funny, unless he really had–oh. I quickly confirmed the news, then went looking for official sources which would report the events in the words of those actually responsible.

Ah, papa!

Reactions to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, his ascent into the life of prayer, have been mixed. Some are scatological; others border on the hagiographic. For myself, I find it hard to differentiate the good this Pope has done from the good he may have left undone; I also find it hard to differentiate the good of Joseph Ratzinger’s teaching career from those acts specifically attributable to Benedict XVI in his role as Bishop of Rome. Continue reading »