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Help us launch The Servi Institute!

Fundraiser by Peter Gordon Epps : Help us launch The Servi Institute!

For some time, now, I have been tracking and encouraging a convergence of opinion among scholarly friends, parents, educators, parishioners, and leaders that I trust. Many of us have seen the need for a more complete formation not only in revealed truths, but in the practice of living faithfully and with dignity. In Summer Seminar sessions, some of us vigorously discussed the Catholic tradition of Liberal Arts education. Some of you have provided much of the hospitality that has incubated this work. Most recently, at St. Gregory’s University, I have had the privilege of working with skilled and faithful teachers to articulate a vision of the Liberal Arts tightly integrated with the Practical Arts, as they should be.

Working together, some of these faithful teachers and leaders, together with prudent friends who know the worlds of law and finance, are building The Servi Institute to give that vision a home. The Servi Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the integration of Liberal and Practical Arts in the Catholic tradition throughout Oklahoma by advocacy, education, and consultation so that every person can not only make a living, but know what living’s worth.

Will you help me defray the initial out-of-pocket costs I’ve incurred in forming The Servi Institute? There are filing fees, costs for web hosting and a domain, and a few similar expenses (which I will be happy to itemize for you, if you’re interested). It’s not a great deal of money if a lot of people give a little, and it will help us give a great deal more back.